Digimail is an online solution for multi channel customer communications.

It gives users the power and convenience of sending documents and communications, whether they are in the office or working from home.

It enables organisations to streamline their document submission and delivery across multiple channels and provides reporting and reconciliation for each document submitted and sent.

Save time and money by eliminating the need to
print, fold and stuff outgoing mail in-house.

Our Capabilities:

Multi Channel Delivery

Multi Channel Conversations

Create and produce actionable, personalized and secure communications, using a simple intuitive interface.

Deliver documents to the right person, at the right time, through their desired channels – all via a web-browser on a desktop.

  • Direct Mail

    Communication pieces can be processed with required business and document logic, printed and inserted into mailpacks of all sizes and lodged with Australia Post.

  • Email

    Communication pieces can be output and delivered via email on a secure platform.

  • SMS

    Messages can be output and delivered via SMS through a secure platform.

  • Other

    Documents and files can be output for fax broadcasting and uploaded for archival or reporting purposes.

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Virtual Mailroom Template Management Secure Reporting & Reconciliation


Here are some of the benefits of utilising digimail.

Achieve Digital Transformation

Evolve your communication actions so that you can submit, compose and deliver documents digitally.

Realise Postage Savings

Aggregates mail from a departmental and/or organisational level to build volume for postage discounts.

Reduce Internal Office Burden

Eliminate internal printing, mailing equipment use and ongoing storage of letterheads and envelopes.

User Friendly Dashboard

Simple and user-friendly Graphical User Interface makes it accessible for all types of user and administrator use.