Direct Marketing

Businesses and organisations of today are engaged in an increasingly competitive market to acquire and retain clients, donors and customers.

Partnering with the right provider is crucial in gaining a competitive advantage to meet ever changing needs.

Our offering entails a range of services and solutions for both print and digital which enables the execution of highly personalised campaigns for improved engagement to achieve maximum response and ROI.

Start your customer journey on a good note

Whether you are starting or renewing a relationship, first impressions count.

Our technology enables us to build cross channel workflows that will help better engage and foster interactions whether they be B2B or B2C connections.

Achieving the right response for your fundraising objectives

Fundraisers continually face pressures to achieve outcomes under time, budget and resource constraints.

Our experience and production capacity enables timely, cost effective and accurate execution of campaigns.

Whether it’s a conventional Tax or Xmas appeal or a more involved campaign requiring complex data segmentation and personalised inserts, we have the capability to deliver.

Supporter and donor engagement to improve understanding

Assessing and influencing supporter and donor sentiment is key to improving fundraising efforts.

We can compose and send generic or personalised feedback and survey forms and also donor impact reports.

Send personalised messages of appreciation

Seasonal messages of goodwill or thanks can foster greater personal connection.

We are able to compose and produce highly personalised cards in varying formats such as A6 or DL.

These can be used to improve donor engagement and build loyalty based on the recipient’s profile.

Create and send more relevant publications

Recipients expect a more personalised experience.

Our leading edge software can compose data-driven documents to reflect variable elements such as images and text.

Better engage alumni to foster future opportunity and support

Alumni relations are a key aspect of an educational institution’s standing.

We can help facilitate highly personalised campaigns across multiple channels that encourage response for appeal and event orientated campaigns.

Helping spread the word

Whether you are sending a quarterly newsletter, journal or other form of publication, we have the means to help you achieve your objectives.

We can take your final artwork and print, process and distribute according to your requirements whether they be council wide unaddressed letterbox drops or to a targeted database that may require to be plastic wrapped or enveloped.

Our years of experience will help you navigate the postal system to ensure you are receiving maximum postage discount entitlements.

Supporting the customer lifecycle

Today’s retailers require to be in constant communication with their customer base.

We are an organisation that can integrate with different platforms to provide a consolidated user experience to help maintain and build loyalty.

Highly personalising the customer touchpoint experience to drive purchases

Whether you need to reward customers who have supported your brand by issuing monthly vouchers or facilitate the printing and sending of pre-purchased gift cards, we can assist.

Our leading edge software can compose and output across multiple channels based on pre defined touchpoints and timings.

Supporting sales and marketing efforts

Communicating effectively to B2B or B2C customers to achieve positive financial outcomes is even more important in today’s competitive day and age.

We can help you deliver your product or service messaging across multiple channels to ensure improved traction and better response.

Supporting departmental objectives through efficient and reliable distribution

Communicating important information to students and careers advisors is pivotal.

Chosen suppliers need to have the experience and know how to facilitate all types of collateral and channel requirements to ensure KPI’s and outcomes are met within budget.


We offer a wide range of capabilities as part of our core solutions and can also utilise many of these as part of customised solutions to meet our clients' specific needs.

SFTP File Submission

We offer our clients SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) options whether they be our generic upload site or designated organisational or campaign based addresses.

Multi-Channel Delivery

We can compose and facilitate your communication to be output across direct mail, email, SMS and web based channels in formats that comply and adhere to required guidelines

Enterprise Integration

We can help organisations overcome their data and infrastructure challenges by integrating with applications utilising endpoints to overcome IT and data limitations.

Campaign Response

We provide various tools and platforms depending on your channel or requirement to enable effective analysis and further utilisation of campaign response.

Template & Version Control

We can create, modify, track and manage your entire communication portfolio from a central version-controlled and compliant library of content.

SLA Compliance

For clients requiring a more formal commitment for their needs, we can enter or commit to an SLA/SLE that pre defines service standards and KPI's.

Quality Management System

Our stringent quality measures and processes ensure that the highest levels of accuracy and consistency are achieved.



Our systems and process have been developed over the years to ensure the highest quality outcomes for our clients.


We facilitate a range of secure submission options and handle files according to strict protocols.


Lodgement and execution of campaigns can be tracked and reconciled in order to provide validated reporting.


All data, artwork and materials is handled with sensitivity and in line with laws and regulations.


Depending on your requirement, we have an online platform that can streamline your communication and marketing requirements.

Your solution to multi channel customer communication

The power and convenience of sending mail and other customer communications whether you’re in the office or working from home.

Manage and order your stock needs online

Allowing users to order, store and track their materials and inventory 24/7.


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