Successful creation, deployment and monitoring of campaigns

Understanding our clients’ needs enables us to formulate, create or adapt to plans and strategies to achieve outcomes.

Our leading edge platforms and other systems aid in the ongoing management, monitoring and adjustment to campaign architecture if and when required.

Our Capabilities:

Campaign Management

Better achieve your communication outcomes

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  • Return to Sender Management

    Return to Sender mail can be costly and affect campaign outcomes. We offer encoding and barcode scanning of ongoing or ad hoc lodgements where returns are reconciled and provided back to the client for updating and data enhancement.

  • Campaign Analysis

    We offer tools and advice to analyse and interpret data and outcomes so as to better plan, manage and execute future campaigns.

  • Response Management

    If you require full loop triggered response for your campaign, whether it be an additional digital touchpoint or fulfilment of a mailpack or merchandise item, we can integrate with various online platforms or create a stand alone workflow.

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