Order Fulfilment

Supporting efforts that act on consumer requests or head office inventory requirements, means choosing a partner with the capacity to fulfil accurately and efficiently.

We offer a full pick and pack service in addition to creating online web stores that can accept and manage ongoing orders of collateral and products.

We can also facilitate integration with many major e-commerce platforms.


Whatever your campaign needs, chances are we’ve done it before.

Below is a selection of some common examples.

Supporting brand and sales efforts with product trials

We can assist your brand and sales objectives by facilitating sample product trials to small or large target markets.

Whether it’s a perishable product to a select audience or larger mass mailings to households in geographical regions, we can assist in achieving the best outcome for your campaign and response requirements.

Outsource and manage the ordering of your bulk items

Many organisations require to outsource the storage of their bulk items like corporate merchandise and retail products.

We not only offer secure CCTV monitored storage, but can also provide users the ability to manage and create ordering capability for internal or external facing use 24/7.

Online users will be able to place and have fulfilled kits or adhoc product orders to be distributed both nationally and internationally.

Better manage your brochure, flyer and publication needs

If you’re an organisation that has run out of space to store their printed collateral and is over the hassle of sending them out, we are here to help.

We not only offer our clients secure storage but can set you up with your own online account whereby you can redirect order requests from your website or designate internal users to place orders through their account.

Create a personalised and seamless ordering experience – internally or externally

If you are a B2B or B2C company or organisation that uses or wishes to use an online portal for ordering of personalised packs, we can facilitate.

We can set up or integrate with your existing ERP system so that requestors fill out and  submit requests.

This data driven logic will in turn generate the printing, processing and lodgement of highly personalised packs.

Outsource your storage needs

If you are running out on office space or need better inventory control, we are here to help.

We offer designated ongoing pallet storage for clients who wish to store their collateral or products offsite.

Our eware platform enables users to view and generate reports so they know exactly how much of each item they have in storage at any time.


We offer a wide range of capabilities as part of our core solutions and can also utilise many of these as part of customised solutions to meet our clients' specific needs.

SFTP File Submission

We offer our clients SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) options whether they be our generic upload site or designated organisational or campaign based addresses.

Multi-Channel Delivery

We can compose and facilitate your communication to be output across direct mail, email, SMS and web based channels in formats that comply and adhere to required guidelines.

Enterprise Integration

We can help organisations overcome their data and infrastructure challenges by integrating with applications utilising endpoints to overcome IT and data limitations.

Campaign Response

We provide various tools and platforms depending on your channel or requirement to enable effective analysis and further utilisation of campaign response.

Template & Version Control

We can create, modify, track and manage your entire communication portfolio from a central version-controlled and compliant library of content.

SLA Compliance

For clients requiring a more formal commitment for their needs, we can enter or commit to an SLA/SLE that pre defines service standards and KPI's.

Quality Management System

Our stringent quality measures and processes ensure that the highest levels of accuracy and consistency are achieved.



Our systems and process have been developed over the years to ensure the highest quality outcomes for our clients.


We facilitate a range of secure submission options and handle files according to strict protocols.


Lodgement and execution of campaigns can be tracked and reconciled in order to provide validated reporting.


All data, artwork and materials is handled with sensitivity and in line with laws and regulations.


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