Ensure your message delivers

Generating documents utilising fields that may include variable text and images requires experience and advanced capability.

We assist our clients in composing their messaging no matter what the channel and complexity required.

From basic data merging to complex business rule programming we can cater for any need.

Our Capabilities:

Message Composition

Better achieve your communication outcomes

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  • Variable Text & Images

    We can compose documents with variable text and images based on the recipient's profile, segment or other data driven requirement and output across print and digital.

  • White Space Management

    Message management capabilities to include supplementary messaging to help you to take advantage of available space on print or digital communications.

  • Template & Version Control

    Rapidly create communication templates for all your physical and digital channels from a single design interface. We can create, modify, track and manage your entire communication portfolio from a central version-controlled and compliant library of content.

  • Business Rule & Logic Programming

    We can build specific rules to govern the content, formatting and placement of all elements in the communication templates based on predefined rules and programming logic.

  • Highly Personalised Images & Fonts

    We can create highly engaging and responsive communication content through the use of custom fonts and highly personalised images.

  • Multi Channel Output & Formatting

    We can compose and facilitate your communication to be output across direct mail, email, SMS and web based channels in formats that comply and adhere to required guidelines.

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