End-to-end solutions for every industry

Our experience over the years has meant servicing a variety of segments.

This exposure has helped us understand why and how organisations communicate within each segment and their campaign priorities.

It has enabled us to appreciate concerns of decision makers and stakeholders to better tailor solution offerings to clients and deliver on their needs and exceed their expectations.


Surveys & Feedback Forms

Personalised Greeting Cards

Achieving the right response for your fundraising objectives

Fundraisers continually face pressures to achieve outcomes under time, budget and resource constraints.

Our experience and production capacity enables timely, cost effective and accurate execution of campaigns.

Whether it’s a conventional Tax or Xmas appeal or a more involved campaign requiring complex data segmentation and personalised inserts, we have the capability to deliver.

Supporter and donor engagement to improve understanding

Assessing and influencing supporter and donor sentiment is key to improving fundraising efforts.

We can compose and send generic or personalised feedback and survey forms and also donor impact reports.

Send personalised messages of appreciation

Seasonal messages of goodwill or thanks can foster greater personal connection.

We are able to compose and produce highly personalised cards in varying formats such as A6 or DL.

These can be used to improve donor engagement and build loyalty based on the recipient’s profile.